Day 26 – Stealth site about 13 miles from Erwin, TN to Uncle Johnny’s Hostel

The first rain storm last night led to 3-4 others about an hour apart, some with some pretty rowdy thunder and lightening (one that seemed pretty close) and a tree falling at about 4 AM (no one was hurt 😝). As a result I didn’t get too much sleep so when 6:30 rolled around I was out of the hammock and on to making breakfast and packing up camp. We left camp a bit after 7:30 for a a few climbs and then the descent into town for a total of a little over 13 miles. Everything seems to go a little faster when you’re heading to town – the lighter pack from all the eaten food is some of it…but the promise of town food is more of it.

I developed a little pain in my right heel with about 6 miles to go (bottom of heel so not Achilles!!) so the run down the hill was a little slower than it could have been, but we still made it to Uncle Johnny’s a bit after 2.

We got to work getting out all the wet things to let them dry, doing some laundry and taking showers (in between drinking sodas and eating ice cream sandwiches). We played some cornhole with a couple other hikers and scored game point right as the rain came in again. It wasn’t long, but it was a lot but we were inside so who cares 😂.

We took the shuttle to town for a quick run through the food city for a few things, then Pal’s for burgers, shakes and fries and then to a local brew pub for a few beers. Tomorrow we spend all day climbing, so loading up as many calories as we can in town.






5 responses to “Day 26 – Stealth site about 13 miles from Erwin, TN to Uncle Johnny’s Hostel”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    Still no trail name listed anywhere or was the SLIDER in the triangle yours.
    Rain & lightning doesn’t sound like fun.
    Hope the beer helped. Wish Josh a Happy birthday for us.
    Love you son.

    1. Chris Avatar

      Slider it seems to be.

  2. Mark Avatar

    Love the addition of videos to the pics…and of course the wonderful prose keeping us abrest of your adventures!

  3. Joshua Mitchell Avatar
    Joshua Mitchell

    I’ve seen him slip and fall about 18 times – he’s earned slider 😜

    1. Chris Avatar

      18 slips. Only 3 falls TBC.

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