Pi-Day Birthday

As of a few hours and a few minutes ago respectively, my two children celebrated their fifteenth and seventeenth trips around the sun.  They are a source of endless fascination.  I hope I have taught them half as much as they have taught me.  They have taught me joy, perseverance, and strength.  Most of all they have taught me how to strive without clinging.  How to hope for wonderful things, while at the same time enjoying things just as they are for now.
My second greatest lifetime accomplishment (after tricking convincing DeAnna to actually marry me 😉 ) is having a great relationship with both of them (especially now that they are teenagers…that seems to be some sort of minor miracle).  It’s not that we are “friends” per se, rather I respect them as proto-adults and they respect me as a somewhat more….experienced?…proto-adult.
Every day is a new challenge: when to guide, when to let go to let experience be the teacher, when to just tell the truth and tell them I don’t know – but that we’ll figure it out.  I hope I get it right at least 51% of the time.  But even if I don’t I’ll keep trying, which all I think to need to do to have the honor of them calling me dad.
So, happy pi day birthday to two of my favoritest people.  Sorry I can’t be with you to celebrate (but this past weekend was awesome!).  Save some pie for me.






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