Heading North

Tomorrow is packing day.   Sunday is driving day.  And Monday – Saturday are all chill days.  I’m heading back for the second year to the Porcupine Freedom Festival in New Hampshire which has been put on the last decade+ the Free State Project.  I went last year on a lark and as one, rather famous attendee said, found my “tribe”.  So of course I am heading back this year.
I will be there a few more days than I was last year and will even be giving a session in the Creating Communities tent (Monday and Friday at 6 PM – stop by if you want to learn a little about self defense).  If you are reading this and heading to Porcfest (or already there – I hear there might be good wifi this year!) then stop by and say hi – we’ll be at Tent camping site 9 from about noon on Monday on.
(This was also a test post  to see if I could get the netbook I setup to take to Porcfest on the off chance I can blog while I am there to work.  It’s my daughters old  – and pink – Asus EEE PC 701 4G that I installed Lubuntu on to post and take notes in sessions.  Here’s to hoping those wifi rumors are true!)






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