Vacation recap: giving a little back

Not a lengthy post today since I have over 200 unread emails waiting in my inbox – and that is after deleting all the spam – but I wanted to share some of the reviews I did on Trip Adviser of the places we went and the things we did while on vacation for the past few weeks in Vegas and Utah.  I discovered Trip Adviser while prepping for our European vacation last summer and found it an invaluable resource.  Much the sam way that I find Amazon thebest shopping site because of the reviews, Trip Adviser is the best travel site for the same reason – reviews.  I had always intended to do reviews of the places we went, restaurants we ate at and things we did in Europe last year after I got back – that just never happened.  So this year, I was much more deliberate about doing reviews "in the moment" – usually the same day that we ate / went to the place being reviewed.  It's a small contribution to a great site – but one I feel I needed to make since I got so much from it for free.  And for you smart phone users out there (iOS or Android) make sure to get their app – the location based feature is pure gold.

I'll take some time over the weekend (after the email has been processed, bills have been paid and lawn has been mowed) to get some pictures up and an overall summary of the vacation, but for now, here are my Trip Adviser reviews:







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  1. Susan Cinadr Avatar
    Susan Cinadr

    I'm a HUGE advocate of Trip Advisor. Top 5-10 in anything or anywhere you go is usually within 95-100% accurate. I did a large number of reviews when I went to Key West, Savannah and Hawaii. I will prob do it again for this upcoming trip to Cleveland and later in the year to Marco Island.

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