Spring break by the numbers

What I did over spring vacation by Chris Kelley:

Put in 30 cubic yards of mulch…

Planted 3 peach trees, 3 pear trees, 3 (more) blueberry bushes, 1 (more) apple tree and a fig tree…

Planted 6 hop rhizomes and installed a pole and lines for them to climb:

Built and painted 4 bee hive supers and 40 frames to go inside

Built 4 new raised beds (2 as experiments in square foot gardening) and 3 potato boxes.  Filled with compost, peet moss and vermiculite.  Planted beans and potatoes (more to be planted later)

Put down 2,000 lbs of pelletized lime in the back pasture

Acquired 1000 empty 308 brass, 1000 147 grain FMJ bullets, 8 lbs of surplus powder and 10,000 primers (not all pictured…some too heavy ;-))

Shot a 230 on my AQT at appleseed, qualifying as Rifleman!

Now I need to go back to work (heading for Germany right now) to rest!






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