Widgetcast Beta 2 – another try at a 20 min podcast on the future of manufacturing and engineering…

Csven, Fleep , Xaver and I got together again and gave another shot at recording a podcast the Sunday before last. We tried to keep it short this time by prepping around just a couple of questions, but still ran well over an hour. Maybe I need to learn to be a better host…or maybe we just need to get even more focus…or maybe we just need to stop shooting for 20 minutes? What do you think? Do you agree with Xaver’s assessment?  Does anyone still listen to podcasts ;-)?

Some of the sites we mentioned (anyone else please feel free to add ones I missed in comments):






2 responses to “Widgetcast Beta 2 – another try at a 20 min podcast on the future of manufacturing and engineering…”

  1. Fleep Tuque Avatar

    Hi Chris, thanks for putting the second one up! I think in part we’re still trying to figure out the focus of the podcast as well as our own areas of expertise and interest, so I’m not worried that things are a little rambly at the start.
    It would require a little more effort, but perhaps we should try chopping it up into two 20 minute segments and weed out the parts that might be of less interest to a wider audience?
    I still think 20 mins is a good time frame to shoot for even if we have to do some editing work to make things fit in bite size chunks.
    Also still thinking about questions for the next round.. =)

  2. Chris Avatar

    I did try to cut it up, but the second and third sections always sounded weird because there wasn’t a ‘start’. Agree it’s OK as is and that they will only get better as we get more practice. There is some gold in each one though – I know at least I am a little smarter after participating and listening afterwards.
    How about we make it easy for you (and increase the chances of success): how about just 1 question.

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