What’s not mentioned is as interesting as what is

Good post on the opportunity to deliver design applications via the net over on the COFES blogs: COFES Blogs – Is SaaS the Killer App for the CAD Industry?
The important thing about this post is what it neglects to mention as an obstacle: bandwidth.  As recently as 12 months ago no discussion about delivering design from the cloud would be complete with a missive on how it would be hard to ever get enough pipe to deliver rich CAD apps.  Everyone seems to forget that Moore’s law also applies to bandwidth and maybe, just maybe, we’ve passed the point where there’s enough for some real design to get done from a Saas app. commando dvd






2 responses to “What’s not mentioned is as interesting as what is”

  1. Igori Wheels Avatar

    Second Life is close to SW as a service .. ok some basic client app needed … but that’s fair enough .. and you can cache a lot on client side … and use e.g. Ajax style handlers to update object caches etc.
    hmm .. for me SL is my CAD system … one I can immerse … but I am not a CAD pro.

  2. Chris Avatar

    True enough. That may be why I inextricably drawn to SL – because it is close to Saas for CAD.
    I’m just glad to see obstacles starting to these classes of graphical application being served over the wire drop away. Just means we are closer to it being a reality. And then the real fun can begin!

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