Siemens user group

I flew down to Orlando, FL yesterday morning.  It was not a fun flight, especially on the descent with the plane hitting several areas of turbulence.  I am here for the Siemens Energy and Automation Summit.  SE&A is the operating company for Siemens in the US and this is basically their user group.  A few observations:

  • I know Siemens just signed a 12 year alliance with Disney, but the location could be better.  Coronado Springs is not what I would call a ‘business friendly’ hotel.  I felt like I was wearing scuba gear as I walked around the grounds in my suit (yesterday was analyst/PR day, so suits were ‘recommended’)
  • User groups are mostly the same everywhere.  A bunch of people that already know each other. And a bunch of other people looking for new people to know.  And some that are just here for a vacation from the J-O-B.
  • Siemens makes a lot of hardware!  Our demo stand is one of the only ones in the whole Siemens booth with just screens.  It feels a little odd, but then again we did attract a lot of interested users and partners.  So maybe in this case it is good to be different.  After all, how long can you look at a switch 😉

So far this has been a great chance to learn about the rest of the company.  SIMATIC IT, PCS 7, APACS+….and I thought we were bad with acronyms!






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