Highly reccommended: Open Business Models

Just finished the newest book from Henry Chesbrough, Open Business Models.  I was drawn to his first book (Open Innovation, 2003) because it fit right at the intersection of our new corporate message (innovation) and what I was focused on (our open strategy).  This new book takes a deep dive into the business model aspects necessary to actually profit off of an open innovation approach to business, so for anyone who wants to not only pursue an open innovation strategy, but actually make money while doing it, this is a must read.
Amazon.com: Open Business Models: How to Thrive in the New Innovation Landscape: Books: Henry Chesbrough
UPDATE: stay tuned for a podcast interview I did with Henry on some interesting work we did together to tie his open innovation concepts more closely to work we are doing at UGS.  Won’t be posted here though…will post a link 😉






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