What car to buy?

I hate buying new cars, but I LOVE new car shopping! Its been a couple years since I was last in the market for a new car, but my wife’s car of the last 5 years is starting to give out. Not to the point that I need to buy something right away, but it’s still got me looking. The question is what to buy?

With the increased competition in the car market, all of the car makers seem to have taken on this idea of segmentation seriously. There seems to be cars designed specifically for 40-42 year old single moms who date regularly, 18-21 year old males with vision problems and 26-31 year old families with 6 kids and 2 pets.

This is great, until you try to figure out what category you’re in. If you pick the wrong car, someone might think you’re in a catefory you’re not (like that dating single mom category that I don’t want anyone thinking my wife is in!). This diversity of choice, while mostly a good thing, causes me (just a little bit) to wish for the days when you could have it in any color you wanted as long as it was black. At least then, there wasn’t so much worl to do to buy a new car.






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