Test of moblogger

So it seems I have at least one thing in common with Dave Winer: we both want to be able to blog with our mobile devices. This is a test of a new tool he just released as part of scripting.com call yomoblog. I hope Steve Gilmore Gillmor is right that links are dead because I can’t see anyway to get A URL in here. However, if it works it will be better than I’ve been able to get with mms2wp, although I will keep trying with that since it will let me do pictures straight from my camera phone.

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  1. Sorry about that Steve. Fixed the post above to get your name spelled right. Big fan of your podcast. Keep up the good work. We are listening and learning something.

  2. (On a full sized computer now)

    That is, just type in the “angle bracket a href equals quote http://www.whatever.com quote angle bracket …

    Do that and YoMoBlog will correctly interpret the HTML. Don’t know what other tags this works for, but I’ve done it for HREF links, so I know it works for at least that.

  3. Thanks Josh. Of course since Steve is right, I won’t need to use that. Of course, it may still come in handy in case there is a URL I want to keep track of and I can’t get to del.icio.us.

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