The convenience of a short memory

Well it seems that making a virtual appearance at a user event is the cool thing to do this year, where as last year it was decidedly passe.  At least according to Dassault Systems CEO Bernard Charles at last year’s

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Gone with the Wind the movie COE (quote from the WorldCAD Access blog )

Bernard Charles comes on stage. The CEO of Dassault announces he is real, not an avatar. He’s been with the company since 1983.

This was a side jab at the virtual appearance of Tony Affuso at last year’s Siemens PLM Software user event, where Tony appeared in a taped video address that ended with a virtual Tony introducing the launch of our presence in Second Life, Siemens Innovation Connection.  Well what was real last year is virtual this year, as I just read

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that Bernard couldn’t make it so he had Bernard 2.0 kickoff this year’s COE:

He had a sidekick, a digital avatar cheekily dubbed BC 2.0 (Bernard Charles 2.0). In the prerecorded clip, the real Charles and his digital counterpart proceeded to have a conversation.

Bernard 2.0 was created in TVNIMA (or something close to that that  is equally un-spellable and  un-pronounceable) which is Dassault’s proprietary platform for creating 3D animations and avatars, which isn’t compatible with Second Life or any of the other virtual world platforms that I am aware of.  Which is really too bad, because it means that we will never get to see a Tony v. Bernard cage match video game.